Beauty in the Mirror

Looking in the mirror a reflection staring back

Opening the door the enemy begins to attack

For he just the image on the outside

Not the beauty or value, or anything else I try to hide

I have heard it said, that mirrors don’t lie

But they do, and they don’t even have to try

What I desire is a mirror, a mirror for my heart

Photo Credit: Mark Kober, Creative Commons
Photo Credit: Mark Kober, Creative Commons

One that shows who I am, who from the start

They also say beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Well, my beauty comes from the Heavenly Soldier

In His eyes I am pleasing and oh, so much more

He sees more than just what reflects from the door

I am cherished and a daughter of the one true King

That is the beauty a mirror in the heart can bring

Finally they say beauty is more than skin deep

A concept that tears me up and makes me weep

For a person to truly see my heart and my soul

That my friend is love, the ultimate goal

Becky Schulthess is a small town girl at heart. She treasures the true friendships developed throughout her years journeying on the healing path. Growth and change are things she has embraced, and she is beginning to fully live. This October she will begin Graduate School for a Master’s of Arts in Biblical Studies.