Eye Need You

Eye need you. A play on words. An acknowledgement. A cry. A request. A window into the soul of this brown-eyed girl.

What has that eye seen today? Where has it been? Did it turn away? Did it roll this way and that? Did it close tight? Did it open wide? What did it express?

The eye. Both receiving and expressing. The expression always a reflection of the receiving.

What do you see around the eye? What do you see within the eye? Do you see the imperfections? Do you see the fatigue? Do you see the sadness? Do you see the longing? Do you see the hope? Do you see the questions?

Do you see the laughter that danced in this eye today? Do you see the play that was wild and free? Do you see the tears of mercy? Do you see the gaze of comfort?

Eye need You. Every hour I need You. The world I see reminds me…I need you.

Bethany Cabell is a Texas transplant, residing in Michigan with her husband and their two young boys.  A lover of beauty, she lives life chasing after wide-open spaces: sharing her heart with others, in relationship with Jesus, and through music and photography. She tells her story here.