Dear Little Girl

Dear sweet little girl,
I see you on the swings smiling with delight,
Spring air combing through your hair,
Sunshine kissing your face.

I see you jumping in the pile of crunchy fall leaves,
Crisp air tickling your nose.
I see your mermaid hair flowing in the ocean waves,
Body weightless as you glide through salty water.

I see your great bright smile as you dance and skip,
Hallway of your home, a stage.
I hear your fervent laughter, your singing—
A being without inhibition.

I see you sitting on the roof,
A meteor shower cascading above you,
Gazing far beyond, each star a nightlight for the dark.
I see you imagine, dream, wonder.

Oh, little one,
I know you’ve been put away.
I see you cower in the corner
Cradling yourself, lonely.

We’ll learn to trust one another—
We’re still connected, you and I.
Only you can teach me how to play again.
We’ll learn to be one.

Dear sweet little girl,
I can see you now.
I’ve come for you. I’ll stay with you.
I delight in you.

Leah Hannibal is a Florida resident, living with her energetic son, loving husband, and their goofy rescue dog. As a relocated cold northerner to the south, you can often find her outside enjoying the beach and the sunshine. She does her best thinking with a pen in her hand where blank pages invite her to process and heal.