I regretted saying it.

But I said it with my whole heart being attached to it and my soul knows.
I can’t back out. Yes.
Some Preacher suggested that loving Christ meant being so ready to love him, follow him, we would say Yes before even knowing the question.
I was compelled. I said Yes.
I don’t regret saying it.
I’m scared of the question.

Who reads in 2 Chronicles 4? By choice?
My reading was a Yes to a prompting.
Solomon finishes the temple.
Tongs of gold.
Candle snuffers of gold.
Every detail intricate, beautiful. Finished.
Brilliant thought to radiant glory.

Glory that blindsided me with another thought. Foreshadowing.
Standing as the new temple, there are tongs and candle snuffers, quite ordinary.
Would I let God finish his work in me?
Long have my wooden tongs lay hidden stuck under the oven.
Longer still the ceramic candle snuffer in the box in the attic.
My heart beats faster.
My lips ache under teeth bearing in.
Finish the work?
I want to run.

A table for the bread of the Presence.
A mystery.
All is ornate, golden, beauty.
All created with the finest of craftsmanship.
All to hold bread.
Bread easily broken. Devoured and gone.
Make new bread for the new day for the beautiful long-lasting table.
Beauty designed intended to endure. Except the bread.
A temple of gold, holding treasures of silver and gold.
Bread easily broken.
A mystery.

The Presence came and dwelt among us.
Until this is my body broken for you.
Eat of this bread.
Bread of the Presence.
The Presence here and now before me.
Break this Bread.
Do this in remembrance of me.

Will you let Me finish the work in you?
We are back to that.
I savor the safety of ordinary and hidden.
Of not being completed.
Yet the Presence longs for me to be all radiant within.
A temple fit for my King.
A mystery.
The ordinary encasing the most Beautiful.

I am attached to the Presence.
He moves me, stirs me, loves me.
And I am compelled.
He washes over me, compelling me to stay near.
To be near means to answer.

I break bread. I remember the Presence with me.
A thousand yeses.
Make me all glorious within.
Finish the work.
A temple fit for my King.


Roby lived and traveled in East Asia for thirty years and has settled down into small town USA. She is passionate about Asian food and culture but most passionate about the God who loves her. She loves to take walks at sunrise and sunset and will accept any offer to go have a cup of coffee. Roby loves laughing and she loves sharing the inner thoughts of her heart with others who enjoy delving deep and talking about the mysteries of Christ.