In March of this year the Red Tent Living Lead Team and Editors gathered around the table to chart the course for the future. Part of that meeting produced our manifesto, a statement to help ground and guide us as we move ahead.

As we sat together we spent time recalling how this community came into existence, and what was true about about us then. We were ordinary women gathering in a space where our titles, jobs, accolades and degrees were not what brought us together. We weren’t meeting to grow our influence, or expand our platforms, not that those things are bad, they simply weren’t part of the design for our gathering.

Red Tent Living began from the simple desire of a small group of women to gather together monthly to share our stories and our lives with one another authentically and vulnerably. We hoped to connect more deeply, understand one another more fully and leave the table encouraged and empowered to live our daily lives with renewed strength and purpose, steadied by the security of having a place of belonging as women.

We had no idea a decade ago that the simple space cultivated around one woman’s table would become an online community stretching around the globe. We are grateful for your presence here and you, our readers and writers, deserve our heartfelt intentionality and clarity of vision and purpose as we steward this sacred space. And so, we want close April by sharing with you the manifesto developed by our team.

Our Manifesto

We are women. Seeking to gather in honest spaces, from the margins and the middle.

Here, we find respite.
Here, we share our tales and our tables.
And here, we learn from one another how to simply be and be together.

We are women.
We have names, but no fame or accolades.
We believe all are welcome at our tables.
We believe we have value because we are women.
We come from the different seasons, spaces and expressions of womanhood to discover more of who we are together.

And we commit to change the world through our ordinary: ordinary stories, ordinary relationships and beautifully ordinary lives.

Welcome to the table.


The Red Tent Living Editorial and Lead Team