A Word from the Editors

We are excited to announce that for the month of February, the regular writers for Red Tent Living have yielded their writing spots to guest contributors. Our theme for February is “Are You Done Yet?” and we look forward to sharing both new and familiar voices.

Many of our writers asked friends or colleagues who understand what it is to be marginalized to share their stories. It’s our ongoing desire to bring you stories from women who may not be easily heard, despite the fact that they are speaking. We hope our platform can serve to create inclusion and empowerment for all women who are in need of belonging and community.

We believe the world can be changed through storytelling women and, we believe this space of storytelling on Red Tent Living is sacred.

As we share how our stories have shaped us, we find the common narratives that unite us. We dispel the shame that tells us we are unworthy of belonging and that we are alone.

Here, the gospel is experienced every time a woman shares and is heard with empathy and validation. Here stories of restoration and hope are birthed and shared. Here the death that seeps in to steal our joy is met and heard, and the door to resurrection is opened.

And so, we ask, “Are You Done Yet?”

As you encounter the women who will share this space for the month of February, we hope you will serve as witnesses, moved by what you read. Comment generously and join in the life-giving goodness that comes as we enter into one another’s stories! Consider the prompt for yourself, risk wondering how it applies to your own life, and see where that wondering may take you.



The Red Tent Editing Team