Double Pregnant

It’s mysterious how the seasons of life parallel each other.

A few hours ago I left The Anchor House, fully restored and nearly ready to open it’s doors, to then find myself greeted by boxes at my own doorstep. Inside these boxes are miscellaneous baby essentials for Asha and a few things I ordered for postpartum care. Oddly enough, I unpacked boxes today at The Anchor House, generous gifts from friends and supporters joining us in the joy of this vision coming to pass.

Dancing with these two worlds of preparing for a baby and readying our safe home for opening, I’ve found myself double pregnant. On the brink of newness, joining God in birthing something uniquely spectacular into this world. Both bold labors of love and both two completely different pregnancies.

As women we have a distinct role in creation, naturally we carry the weight of our babies through pregnancy until our bodies deliver a tiny human into existence. I’ve heard women say that they missed having their baby all to themselves safe inside the womb. I’ve also listened to others explain the shear discomfort of pregnancy, urging their readiness to give birth. I’ve learned that every women’s experience is individual to their bodies and their baby.

Babies come when they want and mamas learn as they go.

I’ve felt past due for quit some time with The Anchor House, ready to give birth. It’s almost insurmountable all the obstacles our team has had to overcome, pushing back our opening date and causing us to reroute our plans. I’ve carried The Anchor House, brimming with hope and desire that she will soon see life. In the months leading up to now, I’ve felt incredible full with the task of restoring the home. All other notions dropped out of my purview as I managed the repairs, laboring her forward so she could then give life. I’ve learned that in the later stages of labor, women become hyper focused, drawn into the process of their bodies bringing their baby into the world. Natural instinct transitions a laboring mother from safely harboring their baby, to joining their body’s urges to deliver a new creation. I’m feeling the urge that The Anchor House is nearly ready to open, signaling an end to a long pregnancy and a complicated labor. Hallelujah!

In due time, I will be going through the physical process of labor and delivery with my own baby. While parts of me cannot wait to meet her, I’ve cherished the bond of our connection in my womb and I’ve really enjoyed my pregnancy. I’m so fascinated by God’s choice to align her arrival with the opening of The Anchor House, signifying fulfillment for Chris’s and my family and ministry. Further marking the power of my womanhood and highlighting my natural creativity to bear and bring life into this world both physically and metaphysically.

The parade of the two entrances is an overflow of kindness and faithfulness, a kiss from the Father.

It’s only been in the recent year, that I’ve been able to hold my head up to the sun and believe that God is as faithful as the dawn and constant as the sunset. It’s hard to place into words the agony Chris and I faced in and out of seasons during the last five years. The calamity of our story’s unraveling as we embarked on a bizarre journey of starting Restore One. Moments of feeling death’s breath on our necks as we held the loss of disappoint when relationships did not pan out and loneliness befriended. Remembering the day our dream’s flooded due to a storm named Matthew, it look us time to believe again and to remember the power of hope that urges us forward into the impossible.

Anna SmithAnna is passionate, a lover of God and sunrises. She is a wanna be poet and pour over coffee connoisseur. And in her garden she grows Drift Roses (of all things). She is a Master Level Social Worker and a 200 Registered Yoga Teacher. In 2012, along with her husband Chris, she co-founded Restore One, an anti-trafficking ministry that serves men and boys. Journeying through her own recovery process, she understands that healing is a painful yet beautiful path we must take to receive freedom. Anna believes healing is possible for everyone. Anna enjoys throwing pottery, writing and teaching yoga and spending time with Chris.