Innocent Play

I watched her steal His heart.

She pulls a pink polka-dot scarf from the bin of Barbie dolls and wraps it over her shoulder, calling Grampa to come see what she found.

Her smile gets his attention and he chuckles from his arm chair.

The dance in her play is an invitation for Grampa to come close and spend time with her; to chase, to tickle; it was their time.

I curled up in my arm chair watching her invitation and his response; thrilled by the expression on his face.

There was splendor in that moment, as I saw her awaken his heart.

He responded to the sparkle in her eyes and reached out to hold her tiny hands.

She poked at his belly and pulled on his beard, snuggling into his neck as he whispered into her ears.

Trust began to flourish and they both got caught up in silly games.

With the pink polka-dot scarf tight in one hand, she tiptoed close, catching him off guard, waving it close to his reach, with an excited giggle in her voice, as she anticipated his pursuit.

As he played his part, the scarf was snatched, and he slowly pulled the scarf closer, with a growl in his voice; she knew she would be caught and that was what she wanted.

His response to play brought out a part of Him that had been neatly tucked away, but the risk for him was worth taking.

Deb Woodnbso
Deb Wood is a mother and wife, who is passionate about mentoring young women towards a true intimate relationship with God & pursuing their dreams. She facilitates small group ministry, in Canada, called Soulcare. Out of what God had done in her life, she desires God to use her story to speak of hope to others.