It Started with a Tea Party

It started with a Tea Party.

They say that pictures paint a thousand words, and I agree, as I began sorting through some old photos of my Mom’s.

I came across one moment that was captured for me to cherish for a long time. You know the kind I am referring to; in an instant it takes you back to that time where things are imprinted on my mind.

The scene was of the living room of my childhood home, in front of a fully decked out Christmas tree. There, at the tiny square table, sat me and my sister Mary, sipping eggnog from my new tea set I had unwrapped earlier that morning. The table and chairs had been a gift from my Dad (which he made), with the hopes of encouraging me to cry less and stop wetting the bed.


That small snapshot brought memories flooding forward that settled on my heart and I savored them. Mary had shared a bed with me, in the room at the top of the stairs in our two-story home. Our bed tucked up under a window looking out on our garage. Our bed had one of those mattresses that sunk in the middle, creating the perfect place for us to cuddle at night when the house went black.

It was that first tea at that table that set the stage for our lives as we grew up, got married and moved out.

Despite the difficulties we both navigated in that home, our bedroom was where we giggled, combed each other’s hair, listened to music and she taught me how to dance; it was our haven.

No words had to be shared when we climbed into bed where we cuddled tight until we fell asleep. It’s where we found comfort in each other’s company, touches that were safe. At night when I wet the bed she would call me “punkin” as she changed my pajamas and tucked me back in with a hug. When I sensed something was wrong as I heard her crying I would reach out and rub her back, cause I knew she was hurting.

Looking back at it now, without knowing, our connection helped us endure.

God used those early connections between two sisters as a part of what He would do in both of us to bring healing.

We both married and left home and started our families. In the ten years that followed we each had three children, mentoring each other through cloth diapers to baby food, picnics in the park to snow ball fights and making cookies. Our children played regularly while we shared pots of coffee, soaking in each other’s company and God’s word.

Today, we are navigating being empty nesters and grandmothers, sharing our struggles over having too quiet of homes and celebrating our love of grandchildren. With our spouses we are enjoying traveling and Nascar. Our adventures continue, while making connections over Beth Moore studies, where we both grow.

As we look back at how far God has brought us, we can see He has been our stability, leading us through those early years. We’ve laughed together, cried and even disagreed; but one thing still remains– God brings us back to sipping tea around a table savoring face-to-face connections.

This is where we exchange words of blessing and affirmation, and our hearts are full.

Deb Woodnbso
Deb Wood is a mother and wife, who is passionate about mentoring young women towards a true intimate relationship with God & pursuing their dreams. She facilitates small group ministry, in Canada, called Soulcare. Out of what God had done in her life, she desires God to use her story to speak of hope to others.