“You bought a house…in North Dakota?”

“Mom, we just closed on the house!” My youngest son called so excited about his first home with his wife and 16 month old son. “That is so exciting! I’m so happy for you!”

My thoughts were much different than my response to him…”You bought a house…in North Dakota!” “My grandchildren are going to be 1100 miles away!” “Oh crap, you really are choosing to stay in the Air Force long term!”

Once I was off the phone, the tears flowed. He had told me he wanted to stay in active duty but my heart held on to the fact that he might change his mind at any moment. But this changes everything!

Then my mom came to mind. They moved 600 miles away from us after I’d been married only a year. She made it work with the grandkids being far away. She told my dad she didn’t want to go more than 6 months without seeing her grandkids. This was long before Skype or FaceTime so the option was…they traveled. I want to keep up this “schedule” also. My husband knows my heart and he does his best to make this possible.

In the meantime, it has been so much fun getting a “tour” of their house (via Skype), listening to their excitement as they redecorate and hearing one side of the conversation as he and his dad problem solve “house issues” over the phone.

I never dreamed he’d live so far away but this is my reality. So, a plan has been made for a 2 week trip to North Dakota in December when baby number two arrives. I look forward to that trip and what lies ahead on this journey with my three sons.


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Deanna Sturgeon lives in Michigan with her husband of 30 years. A mother of three boys and three grandchildren, she loves spending time with her family and friends, camping, lounging at the beach, and reading. She is learning to embrace what wild Jesus has for her through love, dreams, hope and laughter.