Staying the Course

My daughter recently turned 40 and it has given me many thoughts on my life in my 40s. I remember being in my 40s as pretty wonderful. There were milestones. Kids graduated from High School and then College. I paid cash for a car I actually liked instead of whatever we could find that we could afford. I went to Eastern Europe to serve the poor. I stopped in Vienna on my way. I grew in my job skills. I figured out I had a brain. I faced multiple challenges and survived both professionally and spiritually. I grew in my walk with God and my husband. I spent some great times with good friends. I volunteered for relief efforts twice after Hurricane Katrina. I buried both my mom and dad. I was there when my mom died. I stayed the course and was grateful every morning for the day ahead.

I guess what summed up my 40s was the expression, “run your race and stay the course”. Remain steadfast. This worked for me. Most people have a job by 40. So stay the course. Build your life step by step. Buy a house, pay it each month. Got a job, just show up. Just STAY THE COURSE. Keep on doing those things that are true, honest, of good report, self sacrificing, praiseworthy and based on God fearing principles. Remember it is blessed to give. Save money instead of spending it. Learn to live frugally but rich in spirit. Walk in the woods for an escape. Go outside at night and look at the stars and moon. Make your home nice with a can of paint and a loving attitude toward those who enter. Cook things from scratch for a real accomplishment. Don’t rush into stuff. Trust your gut feelings. Look for friends who you can really talk to about real things. All these ways of life got me through my 40s and then my 50s and now on and on…

I just became more aware of how precious time was in my 40s. I started to savor it. I began a ritual of looking out the window every morning at the trees, clouds and earth and weather and said, “Thank you God” and was actually grateful. This was for me the shortest yet most genuine prayer.

I was truly grateful for my life. Every season had its quirks, but each spring I was particularly moved as the earth began to swell with new growth. It was like I was awakening with the spring each year. There is no forecasting what life will bring, but if we are grateful for both the trials and blessings we will find a new freedom spiritually and the WILL to march on. The key is to stay the course and be grateful.

staying the course
My cat Pongo, staying the course.

2Tim. 4:6 “This is the only race worth running. I’ve run hard right to the finish, believed all the way.”

PaulettePaulette Staab was born and raised near Seattle Washington, USA. She met her husband 46 years ago at the first bible study she had ever attended and has sought God every since. She is a believer, learner, missionary and lover of God who is very interested in thought provoking dialogue that leads us to being more real and transparent in our walk with each other and God. She especially loves the time she spends in Romania every year. The women there have opened her up to parts of herself that were hidden. By interacting together around their faith in God they are all enriched.