A baby

A baby nestled in her womb

Travel weary, at the inn, no room

What’s an expectant mom to do?

Where to birth the King of the Jews?

Nothing left but an empty stable

Joseph was ready and Mary was able.

Among the animals the child is born

Foreshadowing the veil to be torn

The Son of God, finally appear

Good news spreads, all will hear

Born our Savior, He is the reason

Because of Him we celebrate the season.


A gift as precious as a child

Beyond the dreams of all, something so wild

Imagine someone born to save the world

To take everything in, which the enemy hurled

A gift no one deserved, so very priceless

Taking our sins, entering the mess

Demonstrating love all along the way

Our Savior, born that magical day

What joy, what love we celebrate

A precious child seals my fate!

Becky Schulthess is a small town girl at heart. She treasures the true friendships developed throughout her years journeying on the healing path. Growth and change are things she has embraced, and she is beginning to fully live. This October she will begin Graduate School for a Master’s of Arts in Biblical Studies.