I can’t see, but I can feel

While at the Red Tent Living Weekend Nov 1 – Nov 3, I asked God to show me His love.  I sat with my chair facing the sun (symbolic of facing the Son) and rocked and cried and prayed.  God spoke to me.  He encompassed me.  He let His face shine on me.  I was moved to write poems.  Usually, the poems I write are dark and depressing, a way for me to vent my feelings.  The poems God put on my heart in Texas were different.  Leaving Texas, so was I!

As the sum warms my face

I feel you in this place

The serenity of the stream

Reminding me to dream

The rocks, the green of the grass

Not even evil can harass

Tears stream down my cheek

Without you Lord, I am weak

Rocking in the chair

Breathing the fresh air

“I Am” is near

“I Am” is here.


I can’t see but I can feel

Just as the wind blows, You are real

Moving the tear on my cheek

It is You, You I seek.

My face turned towards the sun

God, in me, Your will be done.

Leaves blowing in the wind

Open wide Lord, my heart is pinned.

I choose to open my eyes and be here

With You, I have nothing to fear

My salvation, my strength and my rock

I am more than just a sheep in Your flock.

Guide me Jesus, Guide my ways

May I offer always to You, my praise.

Becky Schulthess is a small town girl at heart. She treasures the true friendships developed throughout her years journeying on the healing path. Growth and change are things she has embraced, and she is beginning to fully live. This October she will begin Graduate School for a Master’s of Arts in Biblical Studies.