Hello Mother

A simple text…”Hello mother” (a goofy term of endearment)…and “I’m in Hawaiii”…the tears begin to flow. He’s safe! He’s almost home (to his home in California)! My middle son has been deployed for the last 9 months. The weight that is lifted off my heart is noticeable, to say the least!

I expected his deployment to be hard but how it really took over a part of my heart was bigger than I thought it would be. Of course I missed him and prayed for him constantly, but I could never quite push the worry out…worry for his body AND heart. I held my breath between every phone call, Facebook message or Skype. Is he safe?

We were in our hotel room when we received another text…”I can see California!” We cheered! Then later in the day…”I just got off the boat!” I thought I was going to come out of my skin!

deanna sturgeon, hello mother

Back home after our homecoming complete with tears and laughter, and three very special days with our sons, my heart is full. I look forward to our next reunion and what lies ahead on this journey with my three sons.

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Deanna Sturgeon lives in Michigan with her husband of 30 years. A mother of three boys and three grandchildren, she loves spending time with her family and friends, camping, lounging at the beach, and reading. She is learning to embrace what wild Jesus has for her through love, dreams, hope and laughter.