Building A Red Tent

Red Tent Living is responding to the needs of our sisters in far western Nepal experiencing the impact of the Chaupadi, an ancient Hindu practice that believes women are unclean and untouchable during menstruation. This practice requires that women be put out of their homes when they have their periods, and in many villages during childbirth also. They generally sleep in huts or stables, ostracized and left vulnerable to rape, deadly snake bites and extreme temperatures.

The villages where Chaupadi is still practiced are in the remote parts of far western Nepal. Because the practice is tied to religious beliefs and is deeply embedded in the culture change comes slowly; particularly in places with no electricity, cell phones or internet. While the Nepalese government outlawed the practice in 2005, there is little being done to enforce the laws in these remote villages. This gives opportunity for people like us to have a great impact.

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Ultimately, we believe the work of change is best accomplished by the Nepalese people, and our desire is to come alongside and help fund good work already being done. Ramila and Bishwa Karmacharya, co-founders of Transformation Nepal, are working to end the practice of Chaupadi in Bhajhang.

This year we have a two phase plan for partnering with them to further their work.

Phase One:

A team of three Red Tent Women will travel to Nepal in April to meet with the Karmacharya’s, visit 3 villages in the Bhajhang district spending time with the women, learning from them and listening to their stories. We will discover more about the work being done by Transformation Nepal and discern how we can partner together most effectively over the next 3-5 years.

Cost for Phase One is $13,000 and includes airfare, lodging, food and travel expenses in Nepal for our team of 3.


Phase Two:

Raise the funds necessary to build a safe house in the village that will include:

  • Immediate safety for the women:
    • A four-room structure for women during menstruation with access to water, cooking facilities, bathroom and a locked door (unskilled labor to be provided by residents of Bhajhang)
    • Land for the shelter (donated by the village)

Additionally, we hope to fund literacy classes for women to empower them and instill hope. And provide funding for business opportunities through goat herding.

Estimated Cost for Phase Two is $25,000 – discerning the actual costs is part of phase one

Will you please join us in prayer and in financial support for building this “Red Tent” structure to provide safety and warmth for sisters in Nepal?

By clicking the link above your tax deductible donation can be made to New Horizons Foundations, where the work of Red Tent Living is supported and managed through Seized by Hope Ministries.