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The Bible is ruining my love life.

The breeze was soft and the air outside just a bit sticky, which meant the curls in my hair were curlier than usual. Never a bad thing from my perspective, particularly for a first date.  Continue reading “The Bible is ruining my love life.”

Forever unfolding.

“I’ve decided God is about the things that come really easy or really, REALLY hard. Everything else is just me believing if I give the right amount of effort, I’ll get the result I want. Life is a lot of me pretending I have my act together.” Continue reading “Forever unfolding.”

Be Quiet

My favorite place to argue used to be the bathroom. As a teenager filled with angst and a strong sense of the injustice wrought upon me by the world, I found the best place to decompress was under a steamy hot showerhead, verbally spewing all of the things I wished I could say out loud. Continue reading “Be Quiet”

If The Worst Should Happen

“What’s your deepest fear?” the survey asked.

I chuckled.

“All of the fears,” was my response. Continue reading “If The Worst Should Happen”

Here I Go.

Jumpy. That’s how I felt—like a skittish deer who thought she could make a break for the other side of the freeway, changed her mind at the very last second, and leapt back from the road to narrowly avoid a semi truck. Continue reading “Here I Go.”

Still Moving

I square myself to the lateral metal file cabinets, each with three safety-interlocking drawers filled with project files. Folders are tabbed in alphabetical order by client name and year—the painstaking work of someone far more meticulous than me. Continue reading “Still Moving”

Signs and Wonders.

Ash Wednesday.

A chalked smearing of celebration tasted—now absent, ached for, and anticipated. Continue reading “Signs and Wonders.”

Head and heart.

“Have you tried online dating?” Continue reading “Head and heart.”

Come play.

I’m not particularly self-contained when I am happy. “Graceful” would not be the word of choice. At my brightest moments, I tend to jump, bounce, giggle, fling, or shout. Continue reading “Come play.”


If I were asked to pick a single image that captures my heart concerning Christmas, I would pick a scene from one of my earliest holidays—you know, something that really set the tone for how I’ve held Christmas throughout my life. Continue reading “More.”

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