A Change of Heart

For me, having my cataracts removed and replaced with clear lenses
appears to be a miracle. I had worn glasses or contacts for over 45 years of my life resigned to the fact that I will never be able to simply wake up and read the clock on my bedside table without putting my glasses on first. Well, that all changed 6 months ago as I am now seeing with the clarity I never thought possible, at least in this lifetime. My vision is restored, colors are distinct and brighter all the while leaves on trees have definition. No more blur for me. It is a miracle!

As I have relished in this excitement, I’ve discovered the vision of my tender heart has become cloudy since the election in November. What I see and feel in my heart is in conflict with others. I fear the loss of relationships over political differences. My commitment to serenity has become threatened with all the hatred and violence happening in our country. I feel at a loss as to, “Where do I stand in all of this?” The peaceful life I so desire is being rocked by the onslaught of external forces. My heart is conflicted in trying to find the balance of where I appear to remain calm and civil on the outside while ignoring my rage and fear simmering on the inside. Something needs to change for me.

My tender heart is hurting.

Now I know that only God can transform my heart and to be quite honest with you, I am inviting God to do just that. I have asked Him “to grow my capacity to love and to live into the secret of love and forgiveness.” These were life-changing words spoken during a sermon I listened to recently. I had to admit that my love has weakened over these last few months. I found my heart contemptuous at a news reporter who commented that, “If Jesus were alive today he would not be allowed admittance into the United States.” Really? This is not the Jesus I know who is alive and not bound by borders. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Yet my heart felt extremely sarcastic toward this reporter AND mostly curious as to how my truth could be seasoned with love to release the forgiveness I so desire for my tender heart.

I’m discovering the pathway to love and forgiveness begins within me.

It is the path I am choosing to follow as I live into the nature of God so freely expressed in Colossian’s chapter 3. His nature is to love and to forgive one another as He has loved and forgiven me. It is not so much a secret just a reminder for my heart that has gotten caught up in the turmoil of today. God is not surprised that my heart is experiencing tension as He is gently nudges it back to experiencing the miracle of love and forgiveness for others and myself.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say that love and forgiveness is setting my heart free. Not only that but my tender heart impacts others as my forgiveness is released into the world.

Yes, miracles can happen. It happened for the restored vision of my eyes and now for my tender heart. Think of the glorious impact each one of our hearts can make when we cut loose with love and forgiveness into our troubled world. Our collective hearts can make a difference.

Try it and see…

Mary Jane Hamilton loves her life living on Lake Michigan with her husband of 47+ years. It is her family that brings her the greatest joy especially her 6 grandchildren. MJ readily admits that she adores her dachshunds and rests in the comfort they provide. She smiles at life and “rolls with the punches” that are thrown her way. MJ loves Jesus and beauty, MJ loves wind, waves and thunder, MJ loves fashion and good wine, MJ loves…