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reframing femininity

For February, Red Tent Living is reflecting on the following phrase “Sex?” We invite you to join us, or to consider exploring this theme further through the Red Tent Dinner on Femininity.

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Welcome to Red Tent Living

Welcome to what is slowly unfolding as Red Tent Living!  Continue reading “Welcome to Red Tent Living”

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Below, you’ll find the latest from the Red Tent Women. We invite you to ponder, comment, and share. Above all, we hope you’ll take part.

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Sex, Faith and Shattered Glass

The tires of my car slid just a bit as I pulled into the driveway. Continue reading “Sex, Faith and Shattered Glass”

Still Looking

“My family and I are looking for sex.” Continue reading “Still Looking”

Sex is as good as you fight.

Whose car is that? I wondered silently. Continue reading “Sex is as good as you fight.”

A lesson I’ve learned about “sexy”

Maid of Honor. I’ve only had the chance to do it once. Continue reading “A lesson I’ve learned about “sexy””

Sex…for what is good today.

There is a sense of anticipation and hesitancy as I toss around the topic of “Sex”. Continue reading “Sex…for what is good today.”

It’s a girl!!

In the era of my birth babies were turned upside down and spanked on the bottom to get us breathing. Continue reading “It’s a girl!!”

The Talk

I don’t recall any conversations about sex during my formative years. Continue reading “The Talk”


Today began in the dark of yet another Pacific Northwest rainstorm. Continue reading “Sex?”

A dream born in suffering

“This isn’t what we planned. It doesn’t look like we hoped. We need to make changes in our budget and serious decisions about our finances.” Continue reading “A dream born in suffering”

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